What is a repipe? Most customers really have no idea what happens or what they want and what they need when repiping a home. Many people think repiping means that replaced all their plumbing lines both drain and water lines. Or that resolve all plumbing problems when they decide on repiping there home or resident. This is not the case. When a  plumber in Las Vegas suggests a repipe this is generally in regards to a pressurized leak. So what is included in a repipe and what is not included?

What is included in a repipe.

  • Repipe will usually retain all water lines in the resident or home all lines two each plumbing fixture.
  • Connections new hose
  • All new valves install under sinks and toilets.
  • Included new supply lines.
  • Included new main shut off to your home and water heater.
  • Included new laundry box with valves and ice maker box.

What is not included in a repipe.

  • From the city meter to the house Water Main line. In newer homes this line is usually PVC. It can be copper in older homes.
  • All drain lines. This also includes pipes underground. Pipe in walls. So if you find out a leak under the sink on the drain line it won’t be repaired with a repipe.
  • Leaking faucets such as shower valves, tub and sink faucets do not get replaced when we repiped your home.
  • Toilet leaks and issues are not included.
  • The main sewer line from the house to the street is also not done.
  • Water heater Replacing is also usually not included.


PEX pipes aren’t only flexible but they also don’t corrode inside and may reach areas where solid pipes cannot enter . This might sound to be a great deal of chore and it sure is but the nice thing about this is often that there’s no need to destroy walls. First, begin by checking the entire house and study all the possible places that require to possess new PEX piping installation without having to make much of a multitude.

Step 1:
First of all Turn off the water supply to the house. You need to turn off the main water valve, the line that supplies water to the entire house.

Step 2:
Run all your faucets to drain all the water out inside the pipes. This may take a few minutes but you need to ensure that all the water out.

Step 3:
Gather all the instrument you will need, including plastic sheet and rubber gloves that you will have to cover the whole area you are working on with. Also included is that the PEX piping, the length of which can depend upon the extent task at hand. you may need pipe wrenches, PVC tubing cutter, PEX adapters, Teflon tape, saw which will cut metal and tray or bucket to catch water.

Step 4:
Remove the old galvanized pipes and prep the world . you would possibly want to appear for the proper area where you’ll remove the section of the pipe you’re replacing, easily. take to heart that before you’ll remove the pipe and cut it somewhere within the middle to create it easier for you to unscrew it later.

Step 5:
Get the PVC cutter and cut the PEX pipe to make sure you’ll have a clean and tidy edge. employing a marker, mark the fresh PEX pipe at a length fitted enough. this may serve as a guide once you push the PEX into the adapter. Since the pipe is flexible, see to it that you simply straighten the PEX before inserting it into the adapter. As you are doing this, place it under the ground boards, if possible, where the old pipe wont to be.

Above is pretty much how to repipe a house, what is covered and what is not in a repipe. Most Las Vegas plumbing companies will give discounts on other plumbing work while they are there. For example a hot-water heater replacement will cost tons less if done when a repipe is preformed then waiting till later. This article helps our customers to understand what’s include and what’s not include in repipeing. If you’ve any questions call Plumbing In Las Vegas NV Services in Las vegas or Nevada 702-990-9166.

We also service Summerlin, Henderson, Paradise, South Summerlin, Sun city, Sunrise Manor .


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